High Build Coating
Description It is a two pack Epoxy base amine cured coating having excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, minerals etc.
Volume Solids 41% ± 2
DFT 30-40 Microns
Mixing Ratio BASE HARD. 3 : 1
Pot Life 5 - 6 hrs. at 30°C and 65% relative humidity
Spreading Rate 10 – 14 Sq.m/ltr
Surface Dry 1-2 hrs. at 30°C and 65% relative humidity
Hard Dry 8-10 hrs. at 30°C and 65% relative humidity
Subsequent Coat As per substrate condition recommended coating system
RECOATING TIME - MIN 10 hrs. at 30°C and 65% relative humidity
Fully Cured 7 Days
Shelf Life Base: 12 months Hardner: 6 months
Surface Preparation Suitably primed surface free from oil, grease and any other foreign particles. If surface is exposed to chemical atmosphere clean the surface thoroughly by high pressure fresh water hosing and allow to dry.
Applicable Industry Maintanance
Application Method Conventional Air Spray/ Brush/ Airless Spray
Recommended Thinner Harlepoxy Thinner
Sugested Use Recommended for all type structural steel and any surface such as concrete, asbestos non-ferrous surface in industrial atmosphere.
“Delivering Quality Coatings, Building Powerful Bonds”
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