Industrial Coating
Harlecryl Stoving Top Coat
Grade Industrial Grade 1
Drying System Stoving Top Coat
Description It is based on Thermosetting Acrylic Resin fortified with pigments. Also available in metallic finishes.
Volume Solids 48 /-2 %
DFT 20-25 µm per coat
Mixing Ratio N/A
Spreading Rate 19-24 m²/L depending on Shade
Pot Life N/A
Surface Dry Stoving schedule at 140°C for 20-25 mins.
Hard Dry Immediate
Tack Free Immediate
Subsequent Coat As per substrate condition recommended coating system
Recoating Time - MIN 2 Hrs
Recoating Time - MAX None
Finish Smooth and Uniform – Glossy semi glossy to matt
Shelf Life 6 months
Surface Preparation Recommended primed surface should be free from oil, grease, salt and any other foreign matter.
Application Method Conventional Air Spray/ Brushing / Airless Spray
Applicable Industry Packaging/Automobile-OEM Engineering
Gel Time N/A
Recommended Thinner Harlecryl Thinner
Suggested Use These are particularly formulated as novelty finishes on plastics, metal etc.
“Delivering Quality Coatings, Building Powerful Bonds”
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