High Build Coating
Description It is a two pack Epoxy based clear coating.
Volume Solids 42% ± 2
DFT 25 microns
Mixing Ratio BASE HARD. 4 : 1
Pot Life 5 - 6 hrs. at 30OC and 65% relative humidity
Spreading Rate 17 sq.m/ltr.
Surface Dry 1 - 2 hrs. at 30OC and 65% relative humidity
Hard Dry 8 hrs. at 30OC and 65% relative humidity
Subsequent Coat As per substrate condition recommended coating system
RECOATING TIME - MIN 8 hrs. at 30OC and 65% relative humidity
Fully Cured 7 Days
Shelf Life Base: 12 months Hardner: 6 months
Surface Preparation "Concrete Surface: Should be free from laitance and other contaminants. So also surface is to be cleaned by sweep blast or treat with power tools to obtain rough and firm surface. If concrete is new check for alklinity of concrete surface and if found to alkaline treat with dilute hydrochloric acid and then to be clean with fresh water till the pH of washing is in between 6-7. Remove oil, grease or any foreign matters by suitable means. "
Applicable Industry Maintanance
Application Method Conventional Air Spray/ Brush/ Airless Spray
Recommended Thinner Harlepoxy Thinner
Sugested Use Used as a primer over concrete. Also can be used to over coat aged epoxy surface. after removal of loose paint and dust from surface.
“Delivering Quality Coatings, Building Powerful Bonds”
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