Harlepoxy Seaming compound Industrial Grade 1
Grade Industrial Grade 1
Drying System Air Drying Clear Coat
Description It is a two pack clear seaming compound based on Epoxy resin and polyamine based curing agent. It gives a Good seaming in various solvents and corrosive chemical.
Volume Solids 38 /-2 %
Mixing Ratio BASE : HARDNER 1:1
Pot Life 2 Hrs Minimum
Spreading Rate N/A
Surface Dry 20-30 mints @ 30°C and 65% relative humidity
Hard Dry 8-10 hrs @ 30°C and 65% relative humidity
Tack Free Overnight
Subsequent Coat As per substrate condition recommended coating system
Recoating Time - MIN 8 Hrs
Recoating Time - MAX 7 Days
Finish Smooth Uniform Glossy
Shelf Life Base: 12 months Hardner: 12 months
Surface Preparation Recommended surface should be free from oil, grease, salt and any other foreign matter.
Applicable Industry Packaging
Application Method Brushing/Airless spray
Gel Time 4 Hrs Minimum
Recommended Thinner Harlepoxy Thinner
Suggested Use For seaming compound in Fabrication Industries, packaging industry where good solvent and chemicals resistance is necessary.
“Delivering Quality Coatings, Building Powerful Bonds”
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